Freedom Of Information Act & Open Meetings Act

It is the mission of the St. Clair County Housing Authority (SCCHA) to provide well-maintained and safe, assisted housing to the eligible, low-income residents of St. Clair County, Illinois.

Operating Budget:

The FYE 06/30/2018 Total Operating Budget for the St. Clair County Housing Authority is $22,311,309.

Office Locations:

  • Central Office: 1790 South 74th Street, Belleville, IL 62223
  • District 1 (Brooklyn): 511 South 6th Street, Brooklyn, IL 62059
  • District 2 (Centreville): 500 Hinckley Street, Centreville, IL 62207
  • District 3 (Centreville): 4731 Tudor Avenue, Centreville, IL 62207


  • Currently St. Clair County Housing Authority employs 60 Full-Time Employees and 13 Temporary/Part-Time Employees.

Board of Commissioners:

  • Chairman: Mr. Eugene Verdu
  • First Vice-Chairman: Mr. Daniel Barger
  • Second Vice-Chairman: Sister Julia Huiskamp
  • Secretary: Ms. Billie-Jean Miller
  • Treasurer: Ms. Vivian Cash

Requesting FOIA Information:

Submit in writing, your request for information and public records to:

  • St. Clair County Housing Authority
  • Freedom of Information Officer
  • Carol Easterley
  • 1790 South 74th Street
  • Belleville, IL 62223

You may use the FOIA Request form (not required):

St. Clair County

Housing Authority

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1790 South 74th Street.

Belleville, IL. 62223

Phone: 618-277-3290

Fax: 618-277-1806